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Subject: Which do u prefer?
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s68 12/16/2006 - 12:09:49
4 ppl who njoy fantasy or adventure...who takes da cake? Tolkien or rowling? I njoy both bt tolkien jus does it 4 me n rowling did take elements n themes frm LOTR. A bit biase i knw bt its jus my opinion *

dgon 5/13/2007 - 10:17:24
Tolkien for, lotr is just brilliant *

mizzt 29.10.07 - 11:39am
Tolkein is da best.HP is amazing 2,bt it can neva beat LOTR. *

joserui 2.02.08 - 04:01am
Lord of the rings gives it to tolkien *

emmsie 5.02.08 - 08:09pm
Even though both authors can be seen as creating a whole new world which their protagonist/collection of characters live in, Tolkein adds a whole new dimension, his world is one which (to me) is deep in the realms of fantasy, but completely believable. Rowling on the other hand relies on the banality of Harry's muggle existance to contrast and thus emphasise the creativeness of Harry's wizarding world... *

emmsie 5.02.08 - 08:09pm
In my opinion... *

lustfire 19.02.08 - 08:22pm
I didn't read all of Tolkien's, nor all of Rowling's. Neither really held my attention. I felt some aspects were flogged to death. But they can be nice reads, for those dull plane rides. But Tolkien is better in my opinion. At least he didn't capitalize his work. In my opinion. *

mafreek 7.04.08 - 08:49pm
everything about rowlings work has been done before in one way or the other and da very existence of potter in such a linked way with muggles makes the story line 2 easy 2 predict and tolkien took fantasy writing 2 a newer in depth level where da imagination could stretch so rowling, could not step up 2 da plate *

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