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Subject: The holy grail
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joserui 2.02.08 - 03:52am
Who has read this controversial book ' the da vinci code' *

lustfire 19.02.08 - 08:26pm
Read it. Watched it. Hated it like the plague. Screw the controversy. If the uptight Catholics can't take the hit against their god by a mediocre book, then really, what kind of religion are you following? In my opinion. *

lustfire 19.02.08 - 08:28pm
Btw, go see 2 Days In Paris. *

b0nitz 13.08.08 - 03:52pm
i did..and its iNtrigUes me a l0t. That raised l0t of questi0ns on mY mind. *

bdsmbob 28.03.09 - 06:50am
Read it but prefered the film.you could try angels and demons by the same author. *

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