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Subject: Does nobody talk in this group?
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ladycalm 8/5/2006 - 1:15:08
This is my first group. Not sure how it works but here goes... Bit of a basic one this. Who's your favourite author? I say you can't beat a bit of Stephen Donaldson or Raymond E Feist. *

cakegal 8/29/2006 - 12:42:49
Looks like no one else talks! Im reading ian mcewan,a tad overwritten but good. Truman capote was my favourite author but looking for new writers *

emmsie 12.02.08 - 11:54am
Recently I've been in a bit of a sci-fi mood so I've been re-reading Rob Grant and Terry P. Favorite author HAS to be t'old Wilde though *

lustfire 19.02.08 - 08:17pm
No one talks! We're all too busy reading. XD Kidding. My most recents are Kafka and Potok. I love me a Jewish writer. Imagery could be stronger in Potok though. *

thooft 5.08.08 - 10:40pm
Italo Calvino - genius *

godiva27 1.06.09 - 04:51am
Hello I'm Melissa , to be honest I just love books period I don't have a favorite author I read anything I can there's a book I just got done with called Cane River I think everyone should read this It's a great book. *

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